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T.O.N.Y – CD (compact disc)

Limited Edition CD w Inside artwork & poster is now SOLD OUT (March 3 2021)

In its place, We are now selling the samplers (full songs, with only front & back cover – NO inside artwork/no poster) at a fraction of the price, the tunes are still great. Original album full artwork Was $20.00. Sampler $5


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“The most deeply soulful set so far from Ivana Santilli – the beats and bottom of the record are heavier than before – and are set perfectly to Ivana’s well-voiced lyrics, which go far beyond simple soul cliches, and really show a push forward in her songwriting abilities over the years.” – Dusty

“TONY represents Ivana’s recent playful explorations in bassy, throwback-laden R&B/’80s pop fusion. She’s got funk, she’s got soul, and she most certainly has a creative streak that continues to impress.” – BlogTO

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