Been Thru This (demo version)

Here it is in its original form for your enjoyment.

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This is the demo version of Been Thru This.

I had written the song with my friend Omar Martinez on guitar. The lyric was about a cyclical relationship I was in the middle of.  The key word being ‘sick’. Hence we’ve been through this all before.  The year was 2006. A Few days later,  while devouring a favourite album from 2000 again, I noticed how these BTT melodies kept coming to mind.  My manager at the time told me to just try it out as I heard it in my head.  We used the sample in our own way in certain parts of the recording, the way they used the sample from ELO in their own way. (major hint). I then wrote a new bridge section, and Pre-Chorus chords.  It all worked.  I loved it. The label that was releasing my TO.NY album, however, wanted to play it safe, so we replayed it and put out the version with no sample.

Here it is in its original form for your enjoyment.  Did you guess the sample?


Written by: I.Santilli

Composed by I.Santilli & O.Martinez

Produced by Adam Messinger

photo: Anna Keenan