Brown – limited edition Vinyl

an indie classic now on vinyl


This limited edition pressing of Brown on 180 gram vinyl is the way it was always meant to be heard.  Sonic warmth & depth.

Pressed on Chocolate Brown coloured vinyl.  3 sides. all 13 original tracks. Original Liner Notes & never before published photos

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“While the majority of R&B artists choose to assault us with sexually crass lyrics, Santilli would rather seduce us with earthy music. Just as Marvin Gaye and Bobby Womack did.” – The Toronto Sun

“An eclectic brew of R&B, Latin and soul grooves. Santilli pushes her parameters past the standards of sophistication. Canadian music has never sounded so seductive, and rarely does R&B and soul, in general sound this inventive. ” – Exclaim!

“As composer and arranger of the entire album, and producer of three tracks and co-producer of 10 others, Santilli is a major Canadian talent. “ – The Toronto Star

side 1

1. on the rhodes again

2. caramel sky

3. too deep

4. sun + moon = Tomorrow

5. never again

side 2

6. the sun has set

7. if ever i fall (part1) (duet with glenn lewis)

8. lonely lullaby

9. nostalgia

side 3

10. doin’ all the doin’

11. it may take a while

12. more of myself

13. if ever i fall (part 2) (the heavy handed mix)

Additional information

Weight 700 g
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 1 in